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We have a broad knowledge of the area around Aquamarina / Montemarina after we having run its business at the complex and would obviously like to give this knowledge on to tenants as well as new home buyers.

For over 15 years we was owner of the real estate agency "EstateCanaria in Arguineguín, we have from 2023 sold the real estate business, and started new company as Exclusive Buyers Agents and both old and new clients are welcome to read more in our new website..

Buy or rent:

Buy or rental of houses can often take long time, because the properties are scattered among many different estate agents, which means that several languages may be used. / TeamCanaria is a Property Company which are service minded and have many partners and a large network in North of Europe, Scandinavian and here in Gran Canaria.

It is therefore very likely that we find just the right accommodation you seek, there is for sale with one of our partners. Via our partners we present nearly 90% of all properties for sale on Gran Canaria so when you order our help you will save a lot of time for your own vacation because you don't need to contact other real estate agents.

If you want us to find your property please fill out the form about buying property at our homepage so will we immediately start to find the perfect accommodation for you.

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